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My Family

My daughter, Jodi Wade
Jodi Wade

Jodi Taylor Wade, pregnant with AbbyAnn, 2016

Jodi and Drake Wade
Jodi and AbbyAnn Wade
Nicholas and Jodi Wade
Jo and Nicholas
Drake Wade
Claire Wade
The Fam
Jodi Wade
Drake, Nicholas, Jo and AbbyAnn
Jo and AbbyAnn
Drake Wade
AbbyAnn, Jo and Drake
Abby paints at home
Drake and Abby at Red Lobster
Drake Wade
Drake, Claire and infant AbbyAnn
Drake and infant AbbyAnn
I adore this picture of infant AbbyAnn
Jodi, pregnant with Abby
Jodi, pregnant with AbbyAnn, at the Caddo River
Jodi Taylor Wade
DeGray Lake, 2016
Infant AbbyAnn
Drake slept in the truck while Jo, Nick and Abby pose in front of Nick’s first construction in Hot Springs Village, 2022.
Tres hombres
Me and Jo, Gulpha Gorge
Me and Drake
Christmas 2022
Julie and Jodi
Me, Drake & AbbyAnn
Julie, AbbyAnn and Jo
Jo and AbbyAnn