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Bison, Wichita Mountains
Meers Road, Wichita Mountains
Tree on Mt. Scott
Richard R. Barron photographs 40-Foot-Hole
Mt. Scott overlooking Medicine Park
Restaurant in Meers
Entrance, Cedar Plantation (Parallel Forest)
Mountain range, Meers Road, Wichita Mountains
Christ of the Wichitas, me, Wichita Mountains, Holy CIty
Cedar Plantation, Wichita Mountains
Cedar Plantation (Parallel Forest)
Richard R. Barron photographs Redbud Church, Stratford
Cedar Plantation
Richard R. Barron, Wichitas
View from trail, 40-Foot Hole
Elmore City, Oklahoma
U2 Ranch, Meers Road
Richard R. Barron, Elmore City
Redbud Chapel, Stratford, Oklahoma
Prairie tree, barbed wire, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Medicine Park, Oklahoma
Meers restaurant
Meers, Oklahoma
Mountain, Wichitas
Richard R. Barron
Mountains, Wichitas
Parallel Forest
Bare tree limbs, sky, Parallel Forest
Richard R. Barron, Parallel Forest
Dry gulch, Parallel Forest
Prairie, Wichitas
Richard R. Barron
Christ of the Wichitas
Plaque, Christ of the Wichitas
Prairie, Holy City of the Wichitas
Little House on the Prairie, Wichitas
American bison display, Wichita Mountains Visitors Center
Bison display, Wichitas Visitors Center
Lake Quanah Parker
Dam, Lake Quanah Parker
Detail, dam, Lake Quanah Parker
Rocky shoreline, waves, Lake Quanah Parker
Granite Hills
Gorge below dam, Lake Quanah Parker
Burnt field of stone and prickly pear, Wichitas
40-Foot Hole
40-Foot Hole
View from trail, 40-Foot Hole
Richard R. Barron, 40-Foot Hole
Bare tree, Wichitas
Stream bed, 40-Foot Hole
Parallel Forest
BW view, Quanah Parker Dam
Granite boulder pile, Wichitas
Mountain range, Wichitas
View from Mt. Scott, Wichitas
Directional marker, Mt. Scott
Derelict gas station, Oklahoma
Medicine Park, Oklahoma
Me, photographing at Meers
Richard Barron displays some of his practice targets.
Barbed wire, Barron home, Byng, Oklahoma
Mountain range, Wichitas
Medicine Park, Oklahoma
Multi-colored barstools, Medicine Park
Storefront, Medicine Park
Yard art, Medicine Park
Van, mural, Medicine Park
Medicine Park, Oklahoma
An actual birdhouse, Medicine Park
Medicine Park
Medicine Park, Oklahoma
Crosses, Holy City of the Wichitas
Oklahoma highway, extreme low angle

Ranch, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Sulphur
Bison, French Lake, Wichitas
Glacier Rocks, Wichitas
Richard R. Barron, Wichitas
Highway, Wichitas