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Greenwood Scenery

Yazoo River at dawn, Greenwood, Mississippi
Church window, Carrollton, Mississippi
Stanhope House, Carrollton, Mississippi
Chairs, curtains, Stanhope House
Church, Money Road, Greenwood, Mississippi
Cotton field, Leflore County, Mississippi
Courthouse, Carrollton, Mississippi
Antique car, Carrollton
Robert Johnson’s gravestone with necklace keepsake
Bass player, Carrollton
Guitarist, Carrollton
Dancing man
Whiskey, Robert Johnson gravestone
Singer, Greenwood
Presbyterian Church, Carrollton
Derelict building, Money Road
Church hall, Carrollton
Fireworks show, Greenwood
Thunderhead, Greenwood
Tallahatchie River, Greenwood
Yazoo River, Greenwood
Steel bridge, Yazoo River
Emmett Till Statue Unveiling, Greenwood
Money Road, Greenwood
Directional marker, Money Road, Greenwood
Farm road, Greenwood
Money Road, Greenwood
Pillow Academy Homecoming, Greenwood
MVSU football, Greenwood
MVSU football
Me at Robert Johnson’s grave site (photographed by the Kesslers, who were passing through on the Blues Trail)
Churches in Sidon (meeting place with Jo Alice Darden for magazine proofs)
Rhythm on the Rails, Greenwood
Vintage Corvette, Carrollton
Snow cone stand, Greenwood
Old 50s-era gas station, Money Road, adjacent to the historic Bryant Grocery
Church steeple, Greenwood
Mississippi Blues Trail marker, Money Road (includes Robert Johnson’s birth certificate)
Blues player, Minter City
Bryant’s Grocery historic marker; the building is buried under shrubbery behind the sign.
Gas station, Money Road, Greenwood
Money, Mississippi
Minter City Methodist Church
Field, Greenwood
Bicyclists, Greenwood
Yazoo River, Greenwood
Money Road
Church steeple, Greenwood
Storm clouds, Money Road
Saloon, Tallahatchie Flats
Memorabilia, saloon, Tallahatchie Flats
Blues Trail marker for Robert Johnson
Synagogue cornerstone, Greenwood
Little Zion M.B. Church, Greenwood
Blues Trail marker, downtown Greenwood
Detail, Elks Hall, Greenwood
Yanky 72 historic markers, Greenwood
Little Red Schoolhouse Park, Greenwood
Farm road
Derelict structure, Money Road
Yazoo River, limb, Greenwood
Veterans Bridge, Yazoo River, Greenwood
Confederate Memorial Building, Greenwood
Derelict structure, Greenwood
Old Greenwood-Leflore Library
Methodist Church, Greenwood
Turnrow Books, Greenwood
Antique Ford Falcon, Carrollton
Stanhope House, Carrollton
Radio station hut, Money Road
Restaurant signage, Greenwood
Signage, Greenwood
Painted store, Greenwood
Sunrise, Greenwood
Robert Johnson Blues Marker
Tallahatchie Flats
Tallahatchie Flats
Tallahatchie Flats
Tallahatchie Flats
Tallahatchie Flats
Detail, Robert Johnson Blues Marker
Man praying for end to gun violence in Greenwood
Saloon, Tallahatchie Flats
Robert Johnson’s grave site
Headstone, tree
Church cemetery
Leflore County Courthouse, Yazoo River steel bridge

Christmas lights on Front Street
Electric Christmas tree, Yazoo River boat landing
Henry da Massa
U.S. Marine Corps veteran at a Veterans Day celebration at Pillow Academy.
Christmas tree and painting, Alluvian Hotel

Cloud cover, Nov. 29, 2022
Gravesite, Little Zion Church
Tokens at Robert Johnson’s grave
Looking north on Grand Blvd. from a utility truck bucket
Singing Christmas Tree, First Presbyterian Church
Art installation adjacent to Till statue
The bad place — Bryant’s Grocery, Money, MS
This sign is the only indication that you have reached Money, MS. No populations signs either north or south of this small community where Emmett Till met his end.
Grammy Museum, Cleveland, MS, Jan. 14, 2023
Taylor Swift’s costumes from “The Man.”
Albums of the Year
The Edge’s Gibson Explorer
Noel Gallagher’s guitar
Taylor Swift’s feet wore these shoes in a video.
Tallahatchie River, as seen from Locus Benedictus, Greenwood